Szeretném leszögezni:
A belépés lehetősége csak és kizárólag a saját teljesítményed okán a saját fejedben található.

I want to make it clear:
The opportunity to enter is only and solely in your own head because of your own performance.

The current situation

After 20 years, I am truly delighted that someone has come into the picture and illuminated the darkening Space with a serious luminosity. After examining the characteristics of the occupation, I decided to get out of the ÉlményPark anyway and apply its rules to myself, but it doesn't hurt to have someone on autopilot. Although it is his job to work out the details and mine to find a solution, we both have some room for manoeuvre in case of a serious problem. From my point of view, however, the gigantic task that was my second ten-year time step is over. Due to the nature of the occupation, I spent this time in a rather hostile environment, contrary to the plans, which were about a supportive environment, which left a big void on the physical plane. I therefore began to return and address the gaps that have now become a problem. This seems to coincide very much with events in the outside world, in which I have the opportunity to intervene. I plan to continue to document the third ten-year period online, as I have done for the first and second.

"Can you give us an insight into what and who are behind this website?"

"For a long time, I was the only one meditating in an apartment while documenting everything live on my websites. But I've reached a stage of my comeback where I've handed this task over to a capable person who has already posted a write-up on the main site. In the lower section, however, I run a column where you can find out what's going on in my circles at the moment."

"What does it mean to meditate in an apartment?"

"I start in 2002 and am now at the end of my second ten-year cycle."

"What are you doing in the meantime?"

"That's all I've been doing, and I've been fully engaged in this 0-24 for 20 years."

"Why have you handed this task over to someone else?"

"I have a goal and in order to move towards that goal I needed an independent and proprietary holo operating system because I found those you call celestials totally unreliable for that and I didn't want to put myself at their mercy. But I found so many problems that I incorporated solutions to the system and I can say that it has outgrown its original purpose considerably. Since I only need it to provide a spiritual framework for my tasks, I needed a person to take over the development tasks. I have found someone who also has a scientific eye and a much greater mathematical and IT knowledge than I do, and he is now the one who is working on it."

"Is this your own holo operating system for the ÉlményPark?"

"Yes. Since it has outgrown itself, it is available to anyone. I've installed it on humanity's web of consciousness. Well, not only humanity, but practically the physical plane is already projected through it. That's why it's called the ExperiencePark, because from the point of view of the spiritual planes, it reflects in its name most of what the physical plane is."

"All this from one apartment alone?"

"Apple and Microsoft started like this from a garage. Only this is a bit different because it's designed to solve a serious set of problems and not to make a business out of it. It's actually become a world-controlling god program with the Linux philosophy, but it's been seriously parameterised in terms of who has access to the Source."

"What mathematical and IT skills are required for this?"

"It is not necessarily these that are needed, but the human quality. Without that, it makes no difference who has what knowledge. In the upper dimensional areas that I have been through, I have not really needed a high level of knowledge of mathematics or IT, just the human qualities and skills that I have. But on returning, I realised that there is a limit to how much they matter, and although it doesn't necessarily need a person, it doesn't hurt to have someone supervising. That person has become the person above the line who now writes the content."

"How come you don't necessarily need a person?"

"When I realised at the time that I was essentially on my own for a task that was significantly taxing on my capacity, I turned my whole spiritual understanding of the environment into IT thinking and became able to do my tasks on my own."


"Through holoprogramming. So you don't necessarily need a human to do it, because I programmed it and you do it."

"By who or by what?"

"By internal motivation. There are many aspects of the world that I cannot talk about because what I have to say would go far beyond the current state of science and religion."

"Who financed this?"

"Nobody. I did it without any income and I can tell you two things about it. One is that if I had known in advance that I would have to live like this for 20 years without income, I would not have done it. Of course, you couldn't have known that in advance because there were a lot of unknown factors that opened up along the way and you couldn't leave them there. Later on, information came that there were people who were supposed to take care of me in the meantime, but they all left and were replaced by people who were living off my energy. The situation became so untenable that I suspended work up there and started to return."

"This is unthinkable for me."

"It was also unthinkable for those who trusted me to submit to them. But the responsibility that kept me in those jobs does not allow me to leave such a power in unworthy hands just because I have no money."

"Who are they?"

"It's no longer relevant because I fast-tracked the ÉlményPark in 2018 and the Cube is abandoned. I note here that to date not a single cent has come from the West, which shows the power of this circle. But this strength will only diminish from now on."

"What is the task you have to do in this context?"

"I will not answer this question because what you do not understand is what you want to understand. Even information from a higher perspective cannot be understood correctly from a lower perspective, which is influenced by one's individual interests anyway. But what I can tell you about this is that I have to sort out the problem posed by the planet, the galaxy and the universe, which is at the level of anomaly."

"What is the anomaly and why did it arise?"

"I think the root cause is a misunderstanding of unity and unconditionality. The root cause is that many dimensions are stuck together in 3D holographic layers. The ÉlményPark is designed to be able to solve all these problems automatically."

"What are you doing now?"

"I'm sitting in an apartment with my workplace in my head. Meanwhile, problems are getting worse in all areas of my life, so a breakthrough could happen at any moment, after which this static life situation will be replaced by a dynamic one."

"What can you expect then?"

"I have been writing about this for years from many perspectives, but I have barely scratched the surface. But those who put in the time and effort can still get in the picture."