Szeretném leszögezni:
A belépés lehetősége csak és kizárólag a saját teljesítményed okán a saját fejedben található.

I want to make it clear:
The opportunity to enter is only and solely in your own head because of your own performance.

Briefly about the ÉlményPark

The main areas of the ÉlményPark


After conscious registration, everyone is inherently placed in one of these four, but the system is more complex than that without the other three being present at some level.

What is the ÉlményPark?

The framework of the 3D environment projected by your consciousness, i.e. an operating system running on a network of consciousness. It is an interpretation of the world from an IT perspective. It can basically be broken down into two parts:


Anyone wishing to work on the system and its development is a task that requires full attention, a ten-year time horizon, with very limited scope for game objectives. The level of consciousness of system developers is in the upper transe levels, where game goals are not present and is recommended for those who are more interested in the OS on their phone than the apps, for example. There is no hierarchy in this admin role, but those who do engage in power games can fall back to the game level. You apply within yourself through Intent and Charge, and then begin your years-long preparation for deeper levels of consciousness. The journey is about 3 years there and 3 years back given the right circumstances.

Content development is closely linked to the outside world and the lower trance levels. Following the example of the former, it is recommended for those who are more interested in apps. It is also useful here to register the consciousness to the game server (1ST1), which is similar to the ÉlményPark, but it is the operating system for individual consciousnesses. Because of the multiplex projection, there are no specific expectations, because the system places you at the level of the reality node that corresponds to your goals, intentions and vision. For more information about the ÉlményPark, Multiplex Projection and Apps, click here. The application process is also self-service, with the difference that after the system update, everyone who has been involved in esotericism or magic will be automatically placed by the login system in the level and position they are entitled to.


It is important to note here that without the launch of the ÉlményPark, this world would be over, because it was created by an anomaly caused by an accident. But that does not give the developers the right to abandon the core values without which we cannot talk about a developed world. One of the main functions of the ÉlményPark is to correct bugs, of which I will give a non-exhaustive example. After the update, no matter what the collective levels are discussing above your head, if you say no to it at the level of the individual, it is like the parliament not ratifying the agreement. The reason for this may be that you are not sympathetic to the person sent to you from above, which can be easily remedied by another such person.

Different issues, things, people can meet, but not mix. This significantly reduces the anomaly caused by the problem of stuckness and entanglement caused by different dimensions on the same frequency.

The staffing policy operates according to predefined parameters, the rules of which also apply to developers. It is strictly quality-based and always looks at the current value, so it tracks changes in the person. One of the reasons I developed it was to prepare in advance for any eventuality, including the possibility that if I was hit by an occupation I couldn't resist, the system would disconnect me and continue to work automatically if necessary. This applies to everyone, whether physical or spiritual. This ends the problem of unprepared, actually game level interveners asserting admin (in other words divine) power.

Download Holo Apps

In thought, you can - most easily in a half-dream or trance state - retrieve it with your mind, which acts like a browser on the consciousness network.

Change Your Life

1. Your old life is part of your Old Film

2. All the things and circumstances you don't want to bring into your new life are part of your old life and will sooner or later disappear

3. You are the protagonist of your own film, the others are the title characters, supporting actors and figurants

4. The New Film begins where the old one ended

5. That is, your current situation is the end of your Old Film and your New Film starts from here

6. Your loved ones and those you continue to project take their place

7. Now visualize a button to press to start if you want to open the new season

8. If you don't start, you can still be a supporting actor in other people's films, from which you have the potential for starring roles

9. You can start a New Film later if you feel you can improve on your starting point

Old Film Rules

1. The old film ends where the new begins

2. The only way to go from the old film to the new one is through successful trials

3. Viewers' votes can also be used to enter the New Film

4. Occasionally, gaps in consciousness are created in which targeted past-future and future-past energy flows can occur. At such times, there may be a request from the actors in the Old Film that is not in the New Film. In the New Film these events are not included because the Actor is 'doing his own business'.

5. If someone is not in your New Film, you will never meet again in any meaningful way because you are not in their film.

6. The New Film begins with a character just like you at the start.

7. As we move forward in time, the players in your Old Film fade away.

8. Your old films are the stages of your life that always set the stage for the next.

Own Film

Everyone is a protagonist in their own film. There are other main characters, title characters, actors, supporting actors and extras. You live your everyday life with them. Because life is a complicated matrix, you are not in just one film, you can always appear in someone else's film as an extra, for example. If I go shopping in the same shop every day, I am an extra in the eyes of the cashier. In these films, the genre depends on whose film is taking the lead. There are higher and lower priority films. As the like thus becomes the like, they can interact with each other, i.e. the films can blend into each other. Elements that don't belong there are removed, disappear.

In task-based collaboration, micro-contextual rules come into play, allowing stories to fit into each other, but freeing them from the obligations of genres.


Own Film is a category of interpretation, not to be confused with HoloFilm. Holofilm, also known as Reality Simulation, is for those spiritual beings who would like to experience the physical world. The creation of the HoloFilm is both a solution to a serious problem and a qualitative response to a need in the spiritual world. Reality Simulation is therefore the world of the descending beings. It gives them the illusion that they are really in the physical world, but free from its dangers and harmful effects. The HoloFilms are stories in which beings can experience the illusion of Free Will. HoloFilms are completely constrained roles from start to finish, not even a fart can happen by accident. Yet the effect is as if the characters are doing everything of their own free will. Because the outside world is just a set, HoloFilms are saved versions of the best HoloGames, which can be set in different eras.


The HoloGame, also known as Earth Heaven, is for humans and ascended beings who are experiencing the collective consciousness. During ascension, they continue to project the world as they know it, so many of them do not realize the ascension itself and continue to live their lives. Which takes great twists and turns, thus providing an excellent basis for the play. People here are usually driven by their individual consciousness, they have to learn to think and play as a team. The game moves to the next level when each person realises that everyone here is an 'other you' and the goal becomes how to align the individual and collective aspects.

HoloGame templates can be written by me (I have written them), they can be generated by automatic processes, they can be given by life or fate and you have the possibility to do so. It's not that hard to figure out the secret. Since the stories are shaped by free will choices (hence a game and not a movie), the goal is to align free will with common goals and to learn humility and resignation. HoloGames are therefore stories in which there is competition between the parties, where they can learn to deal with both victory and defeat. The key to progress is quality.


HoloShow can start in either zone, the only way for creatures from both worlds to meet and test their knowledge, skill and courage. They are most similar to quiz shows, selection shows, spectator-centric shows for high level spirit beings who do not wish to enter the ÉlményPark, yet it allows them to gain insight. They can also be created to settle contentious issues, allowing them to be examined through different objective and subjective lenses, and thus are suitable for learning and research purposes.

The 3 main components of the ÉlményPark

1. Gumimaci logic

Not everyone is always in a perspective to interpret events correctly. In all cases, this leads to misunderstandings, which needed to be addressed at a systemic level. Here, belief becomes an assumption of not knowing, where the reaction triggered by belief always pushes the person in the right direction, who professionally become capable of complex higher dimensional operations that they believe and know quite differently. Make the most of your time while you are a gummy bear, because after the awakenings there are whole other levels waiting for you.

2. Entitlement System

It will not let just anyone near anyone if they are not fit or worthy. This avoids the problem of more primitive beings invading more advanced ones. The Entitlement System tries to place everyone in the right environment and company for their level and interests.

3. Pink Sphere

It's a kind of dramaturg. Whatever its colour and brightness, that's its strength and quality. Its purpose is to eliminate untoward intentions and magic, so that they do not backfire fatally on the unprepared sender. It allows interest, rewards good ideas and inventions, not to mention acting.


He/she is your personal spiritual assistant and can do what you cannot do, because you don't believe in the existence of the spiritual world, for example, and adapt to any situation. It's like having your own personal angel, with whom you can, with the right preparation, establish a thought connection.


There I was, alone, facing an impenetrably large task, well beyond my capacity. And then I realised why should I work for you when you can do everything. You have all the power in your hands, but you get a world from Heaven that is your world to others. Something you don't like? Change it and the world will change for you. I bet you will know what your ideal world should be!